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Our Engagement Process

It's important to get the right financial advice

Financial Advice vs Other Advice

We often prepare market updates which are exclusively sent to Smith Coffey clients. Click below to see a short excerpt from our latest video on investment performance and positioning.

Jeff Chin Investment Performance & Positioning

Do you know what your living costs are?

Do you know what you spend on your living costs?

Save valuable time by letting me handle all aspects of your finance in one place.

Introduction to Stephen Jones

My role is to coordinate the advice from the many professionals at Smith Coffey to provide the best solutions to clients.

Introduction to Mark Kynaston

Articles of Interest

Supporting travel grants for Younger Fellows
Source: Surgical News (Royal Australasian College of Surgeons), July 2018
Download PDF (271 Kb)

Dental Work An Economic Indicator: Abano
Source: The Australian Financial Review, 29 July 2018
Download PDF (132 Kb)

What Next For Your Superannuation?
Source: The West Australian, Your Money, 4 Jul 2016
Download PDF (605 Kb)

Using Your Financial Statements To Make Informed Business Decisions
Source: Smith Coffey As Published In The Western Articulator, March 2016
Download PDF (1.2 Mb)

At The Coalface - Stephen Jones
Source: The West Australian, Your Money, 16 Mar 2015
Download PDF (751 Kb)

Setting A Kind Example
Source: Medefacts, Dec 2014
Download PDF (304 Kb)

Is It Right For You Is The Right Question
Source: The West Australian, 28 Oct 2013
Download PDF (293 Kb)

Watchdog Growls At Spruikers
Source: The West Australian, 3 Jun 2013
Download PDF (75 Kb)

Meddling, Speculation Erodes Belief In Super
Source: The West Australian, 27 May 2013
Download PDF (303 Kb)

Humans Seek Safety But Bolt When Danger Looms
Source: The West Australian, 27 May 2013
Download PDF (161 Kb)

Fear A Wealth Barrier
Source: The West Australian, 27 May 2013
Download PDF (28 Kb)

Make The Most Of Your Money In 2013
Source: The West Australian, 10 Dec 2012
Download PDF (169 Kb)

Advisers Warn Government Off Super Attack
Source: The West Australian, 10 Dec 2012
Download PDF (126 Kb)

Get Used To Low Rates: Reserve
Source: The West Australian, 8 Dec 2012
Download PDF (74 Kb)

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