Smith Coffey lead the way with financial planning for dentists and dental professionals in Perth, and specialise in providing tailored financial advice to secure, protect, and grow your income.

Why Choose Smith Coffey as Your Financial Planner?

With almost 50 years of experience of working closely with a niche group of professions, the Smith Coffey team has a deep understanding of the tax and financial requirements which are specific to the medical industry, including dentists and dental professionals.

Your journey with us will be supported by tailored and straightforward financial advice, so whether you are entering the workforce as a graduate, have an established practice, or want to start planning for your retirement, speak with the financial planning team with specialist insight into in your dental profession and your career trajectory.

“Tell us your financial goals, and we'll advise and build a financial plan to suit you.”

Your first meeting with a Smith Coffey consultant will exclusively focus on you, your current status, and your financial needs and goals. We are flexible to your needs so are happy to meet in person at our Subiaco office, on the phone, or even using secure video technology, whichever is most convenient.

I've been a client of Smith Coffey since my internship (over 20 years!) and am very grateful for the support in financial planning they have provided over these years. This support has allowed me flexibility in where and how I live. I continue to touch base whenever important decisions need to be made about future planning as I trust that they understand my goals and priorities.

— Kirsten A.

Financial Planning Services for Dentists & Dental Professionals

Our financial planning team’s experience working with high-net-worth individuals in the dental industry is arguably unsurpassed in Australia.

We’ve made it our business to understand the sometimes-complex tax and financial requirements of your industry and offer you this range of refined services to help you grow, manage and protect your wealth.

  • Tax effective wealth creation
  • Debt management planning
  • Superannuation planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate and multi-generational planning

We have a client-first philosophy that is based on helping you create a secure financial future. This means we take the time to get to know you and your needs so that we can make the most appropriate recommendations. Identify your future goals and establish a clear and realistic path to achieve them today.

Tax Effective Wealth Creation for Dentists & Dental Professionals

Smith Coffey will help guide you to get your finances in order and develop tax-effective strategies to build and preserve your wealth.

Our ability to create strong relationships assists greatly, ultimately ensuring your goals are set and engaged with proven processes to help you achieve your aspirations.

“We all want to create enough wealth to live our best possible future.”

Through nearly 50 years of learned experiences here in Perth, we take a proven strategic and process-driven approach to your financial planning. We will help you use the rules and to your advantage, by investing tax effectively and maximising deductions.


Debt Management Planning for Dentists & Dental Professionals

For those seeking advice managing existing debt, we can help you better understand it and guide your decisions about what to take on before creating a strategy to pay it down. Be it debt related to study, personal or private practise, we will help you manage your non-deductible debt efficiently and effectively.

Smith Coffey are exceptionally professional and sound in their knowledge and advice for all matters regarding Financial Planning. Communication is easy with flexible meeting times and prompt responses to emails and calls. I am very impressed with the treatment and advice they have provided and highly recommend their services.

— Stephanie T.

Superannuation Planning for Dentists & Dental Professionals

Often referred to as your “nest egg” your superannuation is an important piece of your lifestyle flexibility and retirement mix. More than ever, it’s important to know that your money and your future are in safe hands.

We understand the challenges you’d regularly face as a dental industry professional and will make the complexities of super seem simple with tailored advice, so you can maximise your nest egg benefitting from.


Retirement Planning for Dentists & Dental Professionals

Whether your retirement is coming up or is still on the horizon, consider careful financial planning now so you can ensure that you live the retirement you deserve.

As you get closer, we will map out a strategy to maximise your super, consider conservative investment strategies to reduce portfolio losses and use modelling to anticipate your capacity to live your best life through retirement.

I highly recommend Smith Coffey. The consultant who looks after me, Stephen Jones, communicates clearly and he has conveyed a level of trustworthiness and understanding that goes far beyond financial planning. I now use Smith Coffey for practically all my financial dealings and am very satisfied.

— Colm H.


Estate and Multi-Generational Planning for Dentists & Dental Professionals

Your financial advisor can also provide insight and guidance regarding peace of mind estate planning and education planning for your children or grandchildren.

At Smith Coffey, we take a holistic approach to family wealth planning, so you can preserve your wealth for future generations and have a lasting legacy.

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Help When You Need It

At every stage in your life and career, you can call on us to help. There will always be someone available to answer your questions and guide you through both opportunities and challenges.

We are experts in the financial needs of dentists and dental professionals just like you. Contact us to build and protect your wealth today.

who you'll be having a good chat with

Mike Coffey | Smith Coffey
Stephen Jones | Smith Coffey
Mark Kynaston | Smith Coffey

Mike Coffey

Financial Services Consultant, Principal

Mike is a founding Principal from 1973 specialising in strategic and tactical financial advice.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree UWA and is a Member of the Institute of Public Accountants (MIPA).

Mike enjoys golf and skiing and looks forward to new client relationships.

Stephen Jones

Financial Services Consultant, Principal

Stephen has been providing accounting, consulting and financial advice to the medical and dental professions at Smith Coffey since 1995. He holds a Bachelor of Business degree (Accounting) and is a Member of the Institute of Public Accountants (MIPA). After spending some time in the accounting division of Smith Coffey he changed divisions and has a role as a Senior Financial Consultant. He is both well qualified and experienced in providing financial solutions to Medical and Dental Practitioners, including the provision of advice in the following areas; tax and accounting, structures, cashflow management, finance, investments, superannuation and personal insurances.

Stephen enjoys spending time with his family, skiing and is an active member of the local Surf Life Saving Club.

Mark Kynaston

Financial Services Consultant, Principal

Mark has 18 years experience in the accounting and finance profession. Mark joined Smith Coffey in 2001 and his role with Smith Coffey is to assist clients by co-ordinating advice in relation to all of their financial needs, including advice on establishment of private practices, tax management and structuring, financial planning, loan finance, superannuation, investments and risk management.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Business Law), is a Chartered Tax Adviser and a Member of the Institute of Public Accountants (MIPA).

Away from the office Mark's three young children keep him busy, and he enjoys going to gym and a morning out in the surf.

Miles Metcalf

Financial Services Consultant, Principal

Miles is a senior financial consultant at Smith Coffey.  He specialises in advising medical and dental doctors on matters such as purchasing a house, finance structuring, cashflow management and practice management issues. Miles has been providing tax, accounting, finance, insurance, superannuation and financial management advice to the medical profession since 1999.

Miles’s passion outside of the office, other than his family, includes keeping fit, getting away on camping trips and snow skiing.

My role is to coordinate the advice from the many professionals at Smith Coffey to provide the best solutions to clients.

Introduction to Mark Kynaston

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Introduction to Stephen Jones