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At Smith Coffey, we are aware of the complex financial needs and issues of dentists and dental professionals. From dental students managing loans to private practice owners, dentists and dental professionals require tailored financial advice to reach their business and personal goals. We believe that Smith Coffey provides the perfect structured environment to assist you in accomplishing these goals.

“My consultant at Smith Coffey has excellent communication/rapport building skills, whom I was happy to give my business to because he conveyed trustworthiness and understanding above and beyond the mechanics of the Financial Planning aspect of his job.”

— CH, Dentist

Financial Advice for Dentists

Your life in the dental industry is a busy one, we understand that. Between your professional and personal needs, most dentists don’t have time to engage different financial and business advisors. At Smith Coffey, our medical accountants and financial advisors are all under one roof to provide you with efficient and cohesive financial services that align with your financial goals.

We have been helping Perth dentists and dental professionals build their wealth, businesses and secure their financial future for almost 50 years. Book a first consultation today, at our cost, to discuss your financial goals and learn why it makes a difference to work with a specialist dental accounting firm.

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Wealth Creation for Dentists

Our financial advisors for dentists will create a comprehensive plan to grow, manage and protect your wealth. Whether you’re a dental student, starting a dental practice or preparing to retire, it’s never too late to implement a strategy to build your wealth.

We tailor wealth creation solutions to suit your financial goals and your current position. Our experienced financial advisors for dentists can assist you with loansinsurance, legal, investments, superannuation, retirement, estates and tax.

Grow your wealth and safeguard your financial position by speaking with financial advisors that specialise in building wealth for dentists. We know the dental industry and the strategies to maximise your wealth.

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Superannuation Specialists for Dentists

Get expert superannuation advice for dentists to maximise your income and meet your retirement goals. Book an initial consultation, at our cost,  to understand what the trajectory is for your superannuation and receive educated and expert financial advice on a strategy that will grow your superannuation and secure your financial future.

Your superannuation specialist will review your existing superannuation, find any lost superannuation and create a strategy to reach your retirement goals. We will also discuss:

  • Tactical investment
  • Merging superannuation accounts
  • Tax benefits
  • Income protection
  • Asset collection
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Retirement Planning for Dentists

Make the most of your income while you’re working, secure your retirement and reach your financial goals. Our accountants and financial advisors for dentists and dental professionals will build a retirement plan to meet your targets by utilising your existing assets and using tax-effective income strategies.

Together we’ll plan a clear path for you to retire in a financially comfortable and secure position. Our retirement planning includes superannuation advice and estate planning to not only protect your assets but plan for your family’s future.

To discuss your financial goals for retirement and begin planning a strategy to get you there, book a consultation to speak with a specialist financial advisor for dentists and dental professionals.

Accountants, Loans & Insurance for Dentists

For dental accounting that will protect your income, maximise your tax returns, secure your assets and help your dental practice prosper, speak with the team that has been helping dentists and dental professionals for almost 50 years.

Smith Coffey deliver you the advice from all the following professionals in one place, to ensure your financial strategies are aligned with your goals and the right choices are made at the right time.

  • Financial Planner
  • Bank Manager
  • Stock Broker
  • Insurance Agent
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer

We understand that you’re busy managing your professional career and life, so we make managing your finances as easy as possible. We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest changes in the medical and dental industry to provide you with experienced and educated financial advice on dental accountingloans for dentists and insurance for dentists.

Before making financial decisions about your income, assets, investments or private practice, book a first consultation, at our cost, with Smith Coffey’s specialist medical accountants for dentists and dental professionals.

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Medical Accounting for Dental Practices

Many of our clients have grown their dental practices with the help of our expert medical accountants and financial advisors. We can help with a range of financial strategies designed to maximise your income and ensure the security of the dental practice.

Running a private dental practice can be a daunting task, but one that many dentists aspire to. Set yourself up for success by receiving experienced financial advice on tax, structure and cashflow.

Read more on our dental accounting for private practices.

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Why Choose Smith Coffey as Your  Dental Accounting Firm?

One of your goals for starting a private dental practice is wealth and financial security, so when you seek an accountant to help with your ATO compliance, don’t settle for an accountant that just does ATO compliance. Instead, engage a holistic financial advice team that specialises in dental practice accounting and can help you become financially secure.

We’ve offered independent financial advice to the following sectors and more:

  • Dentists and Associate Dentists
  • Private Practice Owners
  • Dental Consultants
  • Dentists who own their Practice
  • Dental Students and Residents

To make things even easier for you, you will only ever have one point of contact at Smith Coffey, who knows you and your exact financial needs. We will be able to consolidate all your financial needs and business requirements in one place. This will save you valuable time, money and hassle by handling your financesaccountingtax, legal requirements, estate and retirement planning all in the same place.

Build and Protect Your Wealth Today

Your first meeting with a Smith Coffey consultant will exclusively focus on you and your financial needs and goals. We won’t charge you any fees or impose a time limit for your initial consultation. We are also flexible to your needs so are happy to meet in person at our office in Subiaco, on the phone or even using secure video technology, whatever is easiest for you.

We are experts in the financial needs of dental professionals just like you. Contact us today to talk to one of our consultants.

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our team

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Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones

Financial Services Consultant, Principal

Stephen has been providing accounting and financial advice to the medical and dental professions at Smith Coffey since 1995. He was honoured to be recognised in Barron’s ‘Australia’s Top 100 Financial Advisers’ in 2020.

He holds a Bachelor of Business degree (Accounting), qualified as a CPA and is currently a Member of the Institute of Public Accountants (MIPA), Association of Financial Advisors (AFA), and The Tax Institute (CTA).

Stephen enjoys spending time with his family, skiing, wing foiling and is an active member of the local Surf Life Saving Club.

Mike Coffey

Mike Coffey

Financial Services Consultant, Principal

Mike is a founding Principal of Smith Coffey from 1973. He has over 45 years experience in providing strategic and tactical financial advice to the medical profession.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree from UWA and is a Member of the Institute of Public Accountants (MIPA).

Mike enjoys golf and skiing, and looks forward to new client relationships.


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