Take control of your finances by receiving specialist accounting for doctors. Start making smarter business, career and financial decisions with accountants that understand the medical industry.

Whether you need accounting, financial advice or tax services, Smith Coffey prides itself on helping you grow your net worth and protect your wealth.

Accountants for Doctors

Smith Coffey has a worked with thousands of doctors and medical professionals for over 47 years and have an amazing reputation for providing expert and insightful accounting services that are uniquely focused on the medical industry.

A part of what separates Smith Coffey from other accountants is our experience and understanding of the specific tax and financial requirements faced by doctors and medical practices. We have comprehensive knowledge of each position and their complex accounting needs, from medical students to practice owners.

Whether you’re just starting your career as a doctor or you’re thinking about starting a practice, Smith Coffey’s accountants have helped doctors throughout every stage of their career and can anticipate your needs.

We not only provide accounting services for doctors, but we also provide:


Why Use a Specialist Accountant for Doctors?

As doctors you face more complex tax requirements and financial obligations than other industries. It’s our job to know these requirements and optimise your financial position.

Our experience as specialist accountants for doctors means that we can ask you specific questions to better understand your personal circumstances. Rather than receiving generic tax or financial advice, you’ll be speaking with qualified Certified Practising Accountants (CPAs), Chartered Accountants (CAANZs, formerly known as CAs) and Chartered Tax Advisers (CTAs) that are experts in accounting for doctors.

In addition to accounting qualifications, our consultants are RG146 compliant and have completed either the Diploma of Financial Services (FP), the Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (FP) or the Diploma of Financial Planning. This places our consultants within the top 1% of the profession that are authorised to advise on all tax and accounting issues.

Our advanced understanding of the medical industry allows us to proactively plan your financial future to ensure your financial security and prosperity.


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