To help make the process of buying a home or investment property easier, our lending specialists can arrange and structure your loans for your financial benefit.

Our finance specialists are tax qualified. This means we can help by discussing a loan structure to suit your needs. Plus, help you manage your debt effectively to ensure your options for future investments are always open. 

With our Tax and Accounting expertise we are extremely well equipped to help establish tax structures when taking out a loan. Our philosophy is that you need to set your loan up correctly from the beginning. Setting it up is like diagnosing your patient. You want to get it right from the beginning! This belief applies to both personal and business loans.

Home Loans 

Thanks to our unique relationship with one of Australia’s major banks, we can access loan terms you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Medical and dental professionals can borrow up to 90% of the value of a property, and professionals in general occupations up to 85%without lender’s mortgage insurance (1.5% of the property value, this is a significant saving). This could mean the difference between buying what you want now and having to wait another year
  • Discounted interest rates
  • The option of fixed, variable and combination loans
  • Access to a dedicated loan specialist
  • Exclusive access to a representative from the bank. Located in our office for your convenience, they can help you with your loan and your everyday banking needs.
  • Assist with the Application and Approval process

The annual package also includes:

  • The benefit of no establishment or monthly maintenance fees
  • Access to transaction accounts and points worthy credit cards
  • Obligation-free pre-approvals
  • The option of 100% offset 

Any application for credit is subject to the bank’s normal lending criteria.

Business Loans & Commercial Property

Helping grow your business

We understand the complexity of practice finance options, and recognise the value of practice goodwill. We can discuss how you are able to lend against a wide range of securities to help you purchase your practice. Plus, we can assist with a wide range of additional purchases, such as medical equipment, cars, business assets, practice fit outs and more.


Exploring your options

Whether you need a new practice fit out, office equipment or a company car, we can help you arrange your lease. We’ll make sure it’s tax-effective. Plus, we’ll carefully structure it to meet your short term goals and your life long career ambitions. Here are just a few of the options available to you:

  • Finance lease: The financier buys the equipment and leases it to you in return for agreed regular lease payments.
  • Commercial hire and asset purchase: This enables commercial users to purchase goods by means of repayment with guaranteed ownership.
  • Operating lease/rental: This is a simple rental agreement where you can avoid the risks associated with ownership residual value liability.
  • Novated lease: This is an agreement between an employee, the employer, and the financier, where the obligations to meet the repayments under the finance lease is with the employer.
  • Chattel mortgage: Like a loan facility, you own the asset, but the financier takes security over the asset until the contract is paid in full.

Want to know more?

Download our Finance fact sheet, then contact us below to book your initial consultation at no cost to you.