Financial Planning Services For Doctors And Dentists

Our elite team of financial advisors have an intricate understanding of the complex financial issues faced by medical professionals. This is why Smith Coffey is Perth’s leading financial planning and services firm for doctors and dentists.

We’ve made it our mission to introduce reliable and professional financial services that are tailored to medical and health professionals and their financial goals;


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Financial Advisors For Dentists, Doctors And Medical Professionals

Since 1972, Smith Coffey has been recognised as industry-leading financial advisors for dentistsdoctors and medical professionals, providing financial support for individuals and private practices throughout Perth.

Our detailed understanding of medical professions and the tax and financial requirements that accompany them, allow us to plan your finances for every stage career – from medical student, practice ownership, to retirement.

We believe that with the right tax structures and financial strategies in place, you can add significant value to your professional and lifestyle goals.

Our accountants and financial advisors are all under one roof, ensuring efficient and cohesive financial services that ensure your financial plans are perfectly aligned with your future goals.

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Tailored, Trusted And Reliable Financial Services

Our established medical industry knowledge enables our financial advisors to provide a range of financial support for doctors, dentists and medical professionals including;

  • Portfolio Management
  • Finance
  • Tax
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning

Building Security As Your Financial Architect

It’s often easy to underestimate the quality and value of co-ordinated financial advice. That’s where Smith Coffey comes in with our extensive industry knowledge; we are your Financial Architect, coordinating all your financial services under one roof.

The benefit to you will save time, hassle, and money with our tailored services all in the one place, providing medical professionals with the opportunity to draw upon the financial, investment and mortgage advice from our team of experienced specialists.

These services can all be provided by Smith Coffey Consultants and Specialists that deliver the advice of your:

  • Financial Planner
  • Bank Manager
  • Stockbroker
  • Insurance Agent
  • Accountant
  • Lawyer


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Financial Advisors Of Choice For Doctors and Dentists

From the very start, our financial advisors can help doctors, dentist and medical professionals align their personal and professional goals. Our commitment to astute financial service means that not only do our clients stay with us for many years, but our colleagues do too, so you can be assured that you will build a lasting relationship with your financial advisor.

As trusted financial experts within the medical field, we are known for providing the right ongoing assistance and guidance, helping doctors and dentists put the right structures in place to achieve their dreams.

Whether you want to open your private practice or apply for a home loan, our honest and professional advice, combined with tax-based financial planning ensures we can provide a high-value service for every stage of your career.

Why Use a Medical & Dental Accounting Firm?

Your Time Is Important

You’re busy – which is why we’re quick to respond! You’ll have one point of contact at Smith Coffey who knows you and understands where you’re at with your business and financial requirements at any given time.

This one-to-one support provides clarity and a range of solutions without you having to spend time researching or worrying.

Specialist Financial Planning For Doctors And Dentists

Since 1972, our elite team of financial advisors have provided dentists, doctors and practice owners with an array of financial services including accounting, tax and wealth creation, as well as further support around retirement plans and planning a secure financial future. Our team has provided this support to a variety of sectors within the field including;

  • Doctors and GPs
  • Surgeons
  • Dentists and Associate Dentists
  • Private Practice Owners
  • Medical Consultants
  • Hospital Doctors
  • Dental Clinic Owners
  • Medical Clinic Owners
  • Medical Students and Residents
  • Dental Students and Residents

“Smith Coffey offers a highly polished, professional, financial planning and accounting service, particularly for medical clientele. My own consultant always has a clear desk, treats me as if I’m his only client, never seems rushed, takes time to explain options and is fully briefed in latest taxation or superannuation rules. Advice offered seems sensible and geared towards pre-determined goals”
— Anaesthetist

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Our first meeting with you is at no cost, and for as long as you need, so we better understand you and your desired financial and lifestyle goals. We can skype or facetime you if you prefer, for added flexibility, or you can meet our local accountants and advisors in Subiaco.

We help people like you every day build and protect their wealth. To discuss your options, contact us!


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We will provide a bespoke financial plan to help you achieve your goals.

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